Games are the highest level object on Parcel. We are all here to play them!

type Game {
  id: Int!
  name: String!
  slug: String!
  active: Boolean!
  description: String
  status: String
  release_date: Date
  developer: String
  logo_media_id: Int!
  logo_media: Media!
  banner_media_id: Int
  banner_media: Media
  collections: [Collection!]
  contract_addresses: [ContractAddress!]!
  tokens: [Token!]
  listings_data: ListingsData
  overview_data: GameOverviewData
  floor_listings: [Listing!]
  marketplaces: [Marketplace!]
  genres: [Genre!]
  devices: [Device!]
  carousel_media: [Media]

Fields Boolean!

If the game is currently active in the Parcel system. If a game is active: false it won't show up on any Parcel generated pages or lists.

Game.banner_media Media

The Media object of the banner media associated with the game.

Game.banner_media_id Int

The media identifier of the banner media associated with the game.

Game.carousel_media [Media]

A list of Media objects that are used for the game's media carousel on Parcel's marketplace page.

Game.collections [Collection!]

A list of the collections of assets underneath the game.

Game.contract_addresses [ContractAddress!]!

A list of the contract addresses of the collections underneath the game.

Game.description String

Information about the game.

Game.developer String

The developer of the game.

Game.devices [Device!]

A list of devices on which the parent game runs.

Game.floor_listings [Listing!]

A list of the 10 lowest priced listings of the game's assets.

Game.genres [Genre!]

A list of genres associated with the parent game. Int!

A unique indentifier.

Game.listings_data ListingsData

Data about the active listings on the assets belonging to the collections underneath the game.

Game.logo_media Media!

The Media object of the game's logo.

Game.logo_media_id Int!

The media identifier of the game's logo.

Game.marketplaces [Marketplace!]

A list of the marketplaces from which listings of the game's assets can be pulled. String!

Game is the name of the game, the name of the game is the name.

Game.overview_data GameOverviewData

The GameOverviewData object contains calculated data about the game such as number of owners of game assets.

Game.release_date Date

The release date of the game, if available.

Game.slug String!

The url-friendly name of the game.

Game.status String

The release status of the game. Possible values are Unreleased, Alpha, Beta, and Live.

Game.tokens [Token]!

A list of the tokens (currencies) associated with the game.